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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hooked On Haiku!

Posted Oct 6, 2010 (17 months into widowhood)

Prior to my sweetheart's illness, I was known to write a letter now and then, but keeping and sharing our journal brought something to the light that I didn’t know about myself, until last year. Thanks to the many messages of encouragement along the way, I now think of myself as a writer and have experienced great joy from sharing our story. It blows me away that as busy as everyone’s lives are, so many of you are still following my journey! That fact is a tremendous blessing to me!

Much to my delight, the new church I am attending has a significant focus on the arts. I was excited when I learned that there is a writers group that meets once a month. The art director collects submitted written work from the group members and prints it in an in-house publication titled Inklings. This takes place four times a year, for distribution in the coffee bar~gallery area, where people gather for meetings and fellowship. It is also available to read online.

Being involved with the writers group has required some steps outside of my comfort zone, but has opened up a whole new avenue of inspiration for me. I have attended two meetings and last month’s gathering introduced me to a form of traditional Japanese poetry that I was not familiar with called Haiku (high-coo). Most English and home school teachers have their middle school students give it a try. There are a few simple rules. The poetry is comprised of three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and the third line has five syllables, hence, the 5, 7, 5 rule and the words can… but, need not rhyme. You must sum up your thoughts in very few words and each one is it’s own little story. As a warm up exercise, our art director challenged us to try our hand at it. Then, we were invited to share our Haiku with the group if we so desired.

That day, I was in cleaning mode when I woke, so I was inspired to write about that.

This new day began.
Urge to clean, how can that be?
Love when that happens!

I was hooked! For the rest of the night and all of the next several days, all I could think about was Haiku. Before our writers meeting broke up, our director invited us to email our Haiku to her. So I sent her a handful of mine. They are all about our journey… our story: past, present and future. I am very excited to have my writings included in this issue of Inklings, which is now available at the church and also online. I have included my Haiku below if you are curious or interested. I can’t wait to read the work that all the other writers submitted. I encourage you to try Haiku for yourself. It’s fun and anyone can do it! Please share yours with us. I am greatly encouraged and inspired by this new opportunity to share my writing. I know it will be instrumental in my healing process, just as my Carepage continues to be!

A Life Shared

Once upon a time,
You were here with me to share
Life, love and laughter.


New Year’s Day began.
How could we know…that in spring,
You would meet your Lord?


Breathing in and out
And moving forward with Him
One day at a time


Surrender my love
To the Maker of our souls.
You are with Him now!

Death Of A Dream

The death of a dream,
Different future it seems;
Your will for mine Lord.

Joy Will Come Again

Weary, worn, broken,
But joy comes in the morning.
Speak to my heart Lord.


Wounds heal… scars remain,
Where your love dwells in my heart.
Made whole once again.

Tandem Journey

Never forsaken.
Alone, but never lonely.
The Lord walks with me.

Thank you for continuing to care about my journey of restoration. God is doing good, exciting and wonderful things in my life! I am so thankful!

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  1. Your Haiku pieces are lovely and moving.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady