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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lawn Mowers And Lifted Spirits

Posted May 15, 2009 (Three weeks into widowhood)

Some of our dearest friends, Bobbie and her husband, Ed, came to visit on Wednesday with cooler in hand and all the makings for a delightful lunch. They brought some of my favorites: shrimp salad and croissants, chips, cantaloupe, strawberry shortcake and iced tea. My contribution was a batch of last minute brownies. We had a great time!

My friend, Ed, was on a mission, while Bobbie and I visited and went for a walk. I had asked Ed if he would take a look at my lawn mower. Buck had mentioned that it needed some attention and I didn’t know if it was safe to start it up. That plus I have never operated our three year old riding mower, because Buck was in love with his lawn tractor and took great pride and pleasure from maintaining our property, both before and after we built our home here. The truth is, it often caused much friction between us as he would escape for three or more hours, when there was so much to be done at the house we were living in, to prepare it to put on the market. It was an issue I had to learn to let go, since although he wasn’t perfect, he was truly wonderful and made a regular habit out of never mentioning my many flaws! What a treasure I had in him!

Returning to Ed and his mission. Ed, like Buck, is known for his servant’s heart and for helping all the widows with their homeowner problems. Never did I think that I would be among the ladies that he so kindly looks after. He jumped right in and got the mower started in no time. Unfortunately, a belt broke after several passes around the yard. He asked if I had the manual and I was actually able to find it. I feared the sea of unpacked boxes in the basement, (since, we had moved into our new home just three months before Buck’s heart attack), but was pleasantly surprised to find it in the file cabinet, the first place I looked.

In the meantime, Ed got out the push mower and began the arduous job, as my grass was quite tall and very thick, because Buck had done such a great job of seeding our lawn (well, with the help of friend and neighbor, Mark and myself). Ed worked hard for a good while and then he had a brainstorm. Bobbie and I watched as he tied the push mower behind the lawn tractor and towed the “working” mower around the yard. He did a splendid job. I told him he was a genius and I know Buck would have been so proud of our friend and his clever creativity! Bobbie and I took pictures to capture the memorable event. Although I started out with a heavy heart, it turned out to be a great day thanks to wonderful friends.

Another scripture that has comforted me came from a perpetual calendar that was a gift from my sister, Colleen. The April 21st page read: But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. The Lord fulfilled this promise in Buck and I during his four months of hospitalization. I know He will continue to be faithful in my future, as I trust in Him. Although the pain is intense at times, I have Peace…Genuine Peace! I know my Sweetheart is pain free and enjoying the presence of the Lord.

While speaking to Buck’s mom on the phone recently, she shared that when Buck made his last trip to West Virginia to visit and go hunting (just weeks before our journey began), he proudly showed pictures of our new home to her and his brothers. They commented on how nice they thought it was. Buck agreed, but said, “Yes, but I have a mansion waiting for me some day”. He held loosely to material things, and looked forward to going home some day with great anticipation. I would love to know what he is experiencing right now, but I am certain it is more wonderful than any of us can imagine!

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