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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bittersweet Surrender Part 1 ~ My Carepage Journal

I shared in an earlier post that I used a Carepage to keep all our loved ones informed during my husband's illness, and I also used it as my journal during those four months that he was hospitalized. I continued to use it to share my widowhood after my sweetheart was called home.

Most of my future blog entries will now be from my Carepage journal, in chronological order. My prayer is that any who follow along will see the hand of God, as He carried me through those dark and difficult days.

Just so there won't be any confusion, "Bofren" was my nickname for my husband and his name for me was "Girfren". This was Buck's playful, West Virginian spelling and pronunciation of boyfriend and girlfriend. All our readers were well acquainted with those names, as they had seen them in my writing, many times during those months.


Posted May 2, 2009 12:49pm
It has been a week and a half since my Bofren’s Graduation Day, moving from this life on earth into his eternal dwelling place. April 21st is a day I will simultaneously cherish and mourn over, as such a bittersweet surrendering of the Love of My Life, into the presence of the LOVE OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER! My heart is so full, I truly don't know where to begin. So, please forgive me when my thoughts are random and scattered.

I have decided to continue using the Carepage as my journal as I move forward on my journey of widowhood. It is my prayer that sharing my journey of grief will be an encouragement and helpful to anyone walking a similar path. There are many details that I have wanted to capture and remember throughout our days since the first of the year, but I had neither the time nor the energy to do so. Over the years I have made some feeble attempts to keep a journal, but I never had the will or discipline to maintain it for very long. I have found such joy in sharing our story with all of you and it has been so very therapeutic for me to have a place to pour my heart out. You will never understand what all of you have provided for me and our family over the last four months, through your thoughts, prayers, messages of encouragement and so many acts of kindness.
Once again, you are welcome to follow along, but know that I will not be hurt or offended if you decide not to walk with me. It may be painful for you as well, as you hold my hand, so to speak, as we venture down this path together. Just like you, I don't know what my future will bring, I only know that I trust my Lord, who holds all of our futures in His hands.

To be continued.

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