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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bittersweet Surrender Part 2

Just so there won't be any confusion, "Bofren" was my nickname for my husband and his name for me was "Girfren". This was Buck's playful, West Virginian spelling and pronunciation of boyfriend and girlfriend. All our readers were well acquainted with those names, as they had seen them in my writing, many times during those months.

Posted May 2, 2009 
My journal will include letters addressed to my Bofren, sweet memories and stories about some of the people I met along the way. These stories will describe how my Lord made Himself so evident, personal and so very real to me, making it so much easier to walk through these most challenging days of my life. It is beyond my ability to comprehend how God provided just what I needed at the very moment I needed it the most. Our God is like that. He never promised us a life of happiness, but He did promise that we could depend on Him to be with us in each and every moment that we are trusting in Him. We are never called upon to make our journeys alone. The Lord always travels with us and is ever present to carry each of us and whatever our own personal burdens or heartaches might be. It is when we are at our weakest that His strength and power can shine the brightest. A whole new world is opened to us when we humble ourselves and acknowledge our need and invite Him to take over because we can’t ‘do life’ in our own strength. Oh, how He has blessed and carried us down this rugged trail.

Although my heart is broken, my happiness and joy for my beloved Bofren surpasses my sadness as I face my future without him at my side. I thank God for the eleven and a half years I was privileged to have him as my husband. He brought so much joy and fun into my life and he taught me so much about forgiveness, friendship and faithfulness, loyalty and unconditional love. He was the best part of my life and I am so thankful that God knew we would be so good for each other and enjoy each other so much. God has blessed me abundantly throughout my life and I will be thankful for the precious gift that I had in my Bofren, always and forever!!!

Thank you for whatever role you played throughout our difficult journey. Know that collectively, you carried us through the hardest days of our lives. I will probably need your continued love and support for many days to come. Thank you all for the precious gifts you have been to me as so much more than family and friends, cheerleaders and caretakers, encouragers and prayer warriors. You are a community created out of love, compassion and concern. Thank you for being there. I love all of you so much! God bless you richly as you move forward on your own journeys!!!

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