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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Buck's Memorial ~ A Day To Remember!

Posted Jun 30, 2009 ~ (Two months into widowhood)

When I was first inspired to have a memorial for my Bofren, soon after his passing, the thought came to mind to celebrate Buck's life on the 4th of July. Independence Day seemed fitting to also celebrate my sweetheart's being set free from all his "earthly life support" to begin his enjoyment of the new life that his Lord had planned for him. Sweet Freedom for him at last! I wanted his memorial to coordinate with the traditional celebrating with an outdoor picnic after the memorial and culminating with watching the fireworks, which we both loved to share. My pastor wisely recommended that we choose another date, as my original plan would probably mean that a lot of people would not be able to attend because of other commitments and vacations.

I settled on the week before the 4th in conjunction with the annual fireworks display in Darlington Md. In trying to begin the planning process, I very quickly became totally overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the details if I tried to maintain my outdoor picnic plan. I knew Buck would not want me to be burdened, so I made the decision to hold the luncheon in our church fellowship hall instead. My wonderful church family took care of all the details, set up, clean up; all of it! My sweet friend Bobbie helped me reserve the date on the church calendar and told me, "you don't worry about a thing, you just show up". What a gift my church family gave me with the help of all those who supplied a delicious array of food to bless all of us. Thank you to all who participated in any way!

I will forever treasure the celebration of Buck's life. God was so faithful as we looked to Him for inspiration in the planning of the music, inviting speakers, and determining how everything would come together.

The week prior to the memorial was a stressful week for my daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Bob, as they both worked diligently to finalize the slide show presentation, that would tell the story of Buck's life. It was a labor of love and a masterpiece that had an amazing impact on all that were present.
I will share more in my next entry.
My love to all of you.

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